UREI 1603/1605 Reviews
  Incredibly well featured and huge, the 1605 is a
joy to mix with.
DJ Magazine, 10/2006

UREI 1601S Reviews
  DJ Battlemixer with legendary UREI Manufacturing Quality
Keyboards Magazine, 11/05 [German]
[English Translation]
  UREI DJ Mixer – traditional values in a new outfit
RAVELINE Magazine, 10/2005 [German]
[English Translation]
  The sampler section is one of the most advanced samplers built into a mixer that we've tried
DJ Magazine, 08/2005
  As soon as you lift the 1601S from its box you sense that this is a serious piece of kit
iDJ, 08/2005
  "Sound of the future"
XSOUND, 05/2005 [German]
  "I find the Urei 1601s to be on the whole one hell of a mixer"
SKRATCHWORX, 11/2005 [skratchworx review]
UREI 1620LE Reviews
  Soundcraft have picked up the UREI brand and reissued classic rotary club mixer the UREI 1620
DJ Magazine, 05/2005
  Soundcraft have taken the classic disco mixer used in such legendary venues as the Paradise Garage and Studio 54, and re-engineered it for the 21st Century
iDJ, 04/2005


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