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Translation for the UREI 1601S review featured in RAVELINE Magazine, 10/2005

Headline: UREI DJ Mixer – traditional values in a new outfit

A mixer – especially for “vinyl-acrobats” is always a matter of taste. A mixer that appeals to one person is not getting more than a tired smile from another person. But I dare to say that nobody can seriously complain about the manufacturing quality of the UREI 1601S.

When you unpack the unit you realize that “solidity” was one of the top priorities on the list. The first impression continues when you try the mixer. No matter if switches, faders, pots – everything appears extremely solid and high value. Also the positioning of these elements is logical and thought through. The switches and knobs are screaming to be used (does that translation make sense?)

The Sample Sektion with two banks checks the beat of the signal and by one hit of a switch creates a clean running loop that can be integrated in the set immediately. By the way: it looks really smooth/cool, if you take the running record off the table after 10 seconds but the track continues.

Taking about sound – this was the point that made UREI so famous long time ago. I could not compare the 1601 with the original 1620 but the “small brother” sounded extremely good. The EQ´s change the sound carefully and all in all the UREI 1601S has a powerful and noble sound.
The combination of hardware- and soundquality, user philosophy and feature set turns the 1601 into a “hot candidate within its category. Don´t miss to check it out!

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Translation courtesy of Jörg ter Veer, AUDIO PRO HEILBRONN Elektroakustik GmbH
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