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Translation for the UREI 1601S review featured in Keyboards Magazine, 11/2005

Headline: Driving a Tank!
1601S – DJ Battlemixer with legendary UREI Manufacturing Quality

1984 the name UREI as a successor of Putnams Universal Ausio went to JBL but in the meantime it was taken over by Soundcraft. The first product of this promising combination is called 1601S and is one of the most robust DJ Mixers than ever ran over me.

If you like retro-chique (?) you´ll experience love at first sight with the 1601. I never saw more inviting GDR (german demcratic republic!!) – spacy pots, more crispy looking faders, more convincing alarm-switches (Switch on! All drives to full power!) and cooler brushed metal. But the 1601S is a serious monster! It is a true battle mixer and interesting for people who like to make hand conditions (stand on your hands?!) on a DJ mixer and scratch until “the sparks are flying around”.

Material and features: The manufacturing that you feel on the UREI mixer is so tight and smooth that it´s frightning. Feature-wise the fully digital 1601S provides exactly the useful features you need on a battle mixer.

A complex Send/Return path for effects gets you an external sound-thunderstorm and can be routed extremely comfortable.

The Exciter is useful for “thickening” higher bass sounds but not for making dully vinyl tracks glow. It´s more to get a trashy old-school-vinyl-astethic – and that´s what it´s thought for.
All in all the Mixer sound breathtaking neutral and fat and would be a good summing unit as well. XLR and Cinch outs for master and booth are very useful.

You need to check it out if you want a NASA-style manufactured battle mixer.

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Translation courtesy of Jörg ter Veer, AUDIO PRO HEILBRONN Elektroakustik GmbH
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