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The authentic sound of garage reborn for the 21st century
After careful consideration, highly respected mixing technology specialist Soundcraft has re-created the 1620 for the 21st Century. Remaining faithful to every detail of the original design, a limited edition of new 1620LEs enables a new generation of DJs to enjoy the unique sound, feel and facilities of this legendary mixer.


With six channels and flexible routing, the 1620LE has more than enough connectivity to handle sophisticated system configurations or installations. And when the dancefloor is packed, you'll love the instant, spontaneous and intuitive feel of the 1620LE's controls.

One look at the feature set will tell you that the 1620LE is all about the music. Classic rotary level & balance controls, great source flexibility, separate House and Booth outputs, a beautifully elegant headphone section and true balanced connections put performance where it really counts.

And we've ensured that today's 1620LE continues Urei's hard-earned tradition for reliability. Ruggedly engineered and manufactured to exacting tolerances, this mixer will keep you working, night after night, in the most demanding of environments. Welcome to the new Urei 1620LE. The legend is reborn.

When was the last time you worked with a DJ mixer that truly inspired you? A mixer that actually made dance music sound the way you always knew it could? The Urei 1620 was born in a golden age when great sound really mattered, and where an uncluttered, intuitive control surface freed up the DJ to really connect with both the music and the dancefloor. The new, limited edition 1620LE holds true to all those Urei traditions, using the same circuit designs and components as the original to deliver the fat, smooth and detailed sound that no other DJ mixer has ever come close to.

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Want to know what's inside the UREI 1620LE?
  For those of you interested in what's inside the UREI 1620LE, here are a few photos for you to enjoy!

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  • Six stereo channels with legendary Urei sound quality

  • Individual L/R balance control on every channel

  • Authentic and responsive rotary faders on all channels

  • Channels 1 and 2 feature RCA phono inputs, allowing the easy integration of twin decks

  • Auxes 1, 2 and 3 feature line level preamps, for direct connection of external sources

  • Optional preamp cards allow Auxes 1-4 to carry Mic, Line or Phono level inputs

  • Aux 4 carries a dedicated mic preamp, allowing instant connection of an external microphone

  • Five extra aux inputs (A-E) can each be routed to auxes 1 to 4, giving unrivalled user flexibility

  • Master Booth and House outputs, each with a dedicated level control

  • Master mono House outputMaster bass and treble controls give +/-10dB of sweetening on all main outputs

  • Sophisticated headphone section can be fed from any of the six channels, or the main program output

  • Front panel illuminated headphone socket with dedicated level control

  • Dual stereo recording outputs

  • Master send-and-return FX loop

  • Internal engineer set-up controls

  • Durable construction for total reliability

  • 3U 19” rack mounting format

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